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ALBUM:     The Tri-Tone Fascination
ARTIST:     Shawn Lane
PRICE:     $16.00 (US Dollars) + S&H    Now Shipping!



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  1. Kaiser Nancarrow      
  2. Peace in Mississippi
  3. Minarets      
  4. The Way It Has to Be
  5. Tri-7/5
  6. Art Tatum      
  7. The Hurt The Joy      
  8. Maria
  9. One Note at a Time
  10. Song for Diane
  11. Epilogue; Bach (Ich Ruf Zu Dir)


Shawn Lane (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, drum machine, voice)

Sean Rickman (drums on track 1)

Luther Dickinson (guitar on track 3)

Paul Taylor (bass on track 3)

Cody Dickinson (drums on track 3)

Eric Phillips (bass on track 7)

Tom Ward (keyboards on track 7)

Buddy Davis (guitar on track 7)

Produced and engineered by Shawn Lane
Executive producer Les Birchfield
Mastered by Mike Iocapelli

Eye Reckon Records, 1999, 2000
Catalog No. ER-001

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